Iain B. McIntosh

BA(Hons), MB ChB


About Me


I left school at 15 years old and was called up for National Service in the Middle East Air Force, which stimulated a life-long interest in global travel. Nursing experience as NCO in charge of a small hospital in Libya encouraged Medical School entry and graduation. A family doctor for 30 years, I was active as a leader in the Scout Association and later became an expedition leader, ship’s doctor, in-flight physician and world traveller to seven continents.

Medical research on health management of world travellers and hypnotherapy brought a special interest in the well-being of the tourist and adventurer and in hypnotherapy and I became an expert in these fields lecturing extensively at home and abroad.

I wrote my first published article “Ladies of the Veil” when aged 18 and developed a love for writing which has resulted in over 700 articles published in the lay and professional press. I was editor of Glasgow Medicine and Scottish Medicine and Rostrum and Editor in Chief of the British Global and Travel health Association Journal. Eight medical books and five non-fiction books testify to my penmanship, with a novel “While I’m here Doc” a recent publication. This tells a story of medical practice in the days when the family doctor  worked “hands-on” day and night every day of the year treating patients, no longer the model for modern practice.



While I’m Here Doc

Illuminating anecdotes, drawn from forty years of patient consultations illustrate the life of a family doctor working when general medical practice was very different from today. The GP cared for patients night and day, every day of the year and personal and professional lives intertwined.

Colourful personalities, conniving rogues, the deceitful and the desperate, saint and sinner passed through the consulting room to provide fascinating glimpses of individuals, the doctor’s life and the vagaries of human existence. Their tales are fascinating and a record of the social and medical fabric of the time.

Publisher: IMCI Publications

Travel and Health in Older People

The ageing process adds to the health hazards of international travel. This book is a practical guide for travel health professionals, family doctors, practice nurses and pharmacists who have consultations with older world travellers. It covers risk assessment and management, travel illness, prevention and prophylaxis and the effect of ageing and pre-existing disease on travel related illness. Transportation, high risk group care, the disabled, infirm and the adventurous elderly traveller are considered. For the consultant and carer there is a wealth of pragmatic information and research based advice. It is a definitive resource which will aid those involved in the travel health field to ensure that elderly world travellers can journey afar and return in good health.

Publisher: IMCI Publications

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